ISV Solutions

To achieve the best solution for your situation we may advise the use of additional products. These have been selected with the utmost care. Below a quick overview.


WorkPoint unlocks the full potential of SharePoint Online and Office 365 by optimising processes for the management of projects, cases, documents, emails and contracts with pre-defined and easy-implemented business solutions atop of the Microsoft platform.


Business-critical solutions on SharePoint often takes a lot of custom development in order to get the full advantages. WorkPoint 365 is out-of-the-box solutions, making it easy and fast to take full advantage of SharePoint within Office 365. WorkPoint 365 is a modular standard system, making swift and easy work of configuring and scaling a solution – with no development or coding

Minimise the risk of development

WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions. A solution is configured, so that it from the very start covers most of your wishes and needs – with no development or coding.


Future-proof business-solution

WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Office 365 – for example Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud-solution on the Microsoft platform.

High degree of governance

Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured. WorkPoint 365 offers advanced functionality such as multisite collection, supporting demands for very large data pools, and makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

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