ISV Solutions

To achieve the best solution for your situation we may advise the use of additional products. These have been selected with the utmost care. Below a quick overview.


With Guidiance you can easily create learnings or use learnings from our experts. Distribute these learnings through a mobile or web app, chatbot, Microsoft Teams or through our API. Make sure everyone gets up to speed fast and works according to the latest best practices. 


Active employee engagement

Meetroo and Guidiance believe that by actively suggesting (personalized) training resources to employees and by providing easy access to learning content, people will be triggered to learn new skills, leading to better educated and happier users. 

Benefits for Employees:

  • Get daily suggestions to improve your skills;
  • Super easy access to training content;
  • Increase personal and team performance.

Benefits for MS Partners:

  • Create additional business value and revenue;
  • Automate adoption and support processes;
  • More happy customers and end-users.

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