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To achieve the best solution for your situation we may advise the use of additional products. These have been selected with the utmost care. Below a quick overview.


Easy2Meet is software for efficient, completely paperless meetings. Developed entirely according to Microsoft’s guidelines and roadmap, based on Office 365 and in particular SharePoint. Easy2Meet is a (SharePoint) add-in that facilitates the entire meeting process. It is a shell over your SharePoint environment with all the benefits that comes with it. All this digitally and completely paperless!

In addition, a user-friendly app can be downloaded from the various stores. With this app, you can view all your meetings as a meeting participant and participate in the meeting.


What does Easy2Meet include?

Within Easy2Meet, a distinction is made between the part in which the meetings are organised, managed and published and the part in which a meeting is participated in. We call these two respectively the Organizer & the Participant. The organizer is the meeting organizer in this case; users are generally secretaries and management assistants.

The participant actually speaks for himself: everyone who is invited to a meeting and takes part in it.

Integration with Office 365

  • SharePoint
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Outlook/Exchange
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
  • Teams

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