ISV Solutions

To achieve the best solution for your situation we may advise the use of additional products. These have been selected with the utmost care. Below a quick overview.

Contractmanagement Bundle

meetroo + Udocx+ Workpoint 



Let boost the ROI of SharePoint by​ using standardized High Quality Solutions

To achieve the best contract management experience, we have created the contractmanagement bundle: Happit, Meetroo, Udocx and Workpoint.

Solution components

  • WorkPoint 365 to realize full featured, user friendly Document Management
  • Udocx to make scanning signed documents to SharePoint super easy
  • Meetroo brings an online learning experience for employees​. 


  • Ensures simple document creation using templates
  • Structured process for review and approval
  • Contract end date reminders 
  • Advanced search function
  • Easy access to Contract management training content
  • Increase personal and team performance

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