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To achieve the best solution for your situation we may advise the use of additional products. These have been selected with the utmost care. Below a quick overview.


Add-On Products gives you a shortcut to the big picture by improving communication and information-sharing within your organization. Our products include digital signage solutions, add-on products for Microsoft Outlook, as Exchange Central; the world’s most used group calendar for Microsoft, and meeting booking tools that allow companies to plan projects easily while saving time and resources. We have customers all over the world, ranging from small companies to large corporations in a wide scope of industries.


Grow with us.


  • Define deadlines for ordering catering and other services
  • “Secretary feature” – support for scheduling in shared calendars
  • Time zone support – reservations across time zones
  • Utilize Resource Central through Outlook Web Access®
  • Access advanced and standardized report in various formats with support for third party tools
  • Define individual roles for each service provider per location, determine who will take care of orders at headquarters and who will take care of orders at local branches
  • Web-based order module includes support for single sign-on
  • Languages supported (as of January 2013): English (US), Dutch, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Finnish, and Italian.


  • Complete meeting arrangements almost instantly – not only can you find and reserve meeting rooms, you can also book associated services – in less than 2 minutes
  • Avoid unnecessary costs due to communication delays with catering, reception, marketing, the IT-department, etc.
  • Complete the order-to-invoice process for both internal and external invoices by integrating the system with your company’s financial system
  • Order everything in ‘one step’, including catering, audio-visual equipment, transportation, seating arrangements etc.

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