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Small steps to a greater understanding Imagine, a new application is rolled out and people need to learn how this new application works. Classic solutions like classical courses, manuals and walkthroughs are rich in content but the information is often hard to absorb...

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More SharePoint myths debunked

“SharePoint? Not our cup of tea”, some companies are convinced that SharePoint isn’t the right tool for them. That’s a pity, especially for small businesses. They can really benefit from working with SharePoint. When your business is growing you face mature...

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Three SharePoint myths debunked

Microsoft is very good at marketing their products. Their product applications receive extensive media coverage. But when functionalities change, Microsoft hardly communicates. That’s why a large part of the world isn’t aware of these changes. Especially when old...

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The Dark Cloud of Shadow IT

A recent publication of Gartner shows that over 80% of employees admit using applications that are not approved by their employer. Shadow IT refers to IT devices, software and services used for business purposes but that are outside the ownership or control of the...

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