Small steps to a greater understanding

Imagine, a new application is rolled out and people need to learn how this new application works. Classic solutions like classical courses, manuals and walkthroughs are rich in content but the information is often hard to absorb and retain. This makes the adoption process a much slower and the efficiency of the application will suffer for it because of poor usage.

A prominent issue with training content is the volume of it and how it is presented, it can be overwhelming when people open a manual for the first time. Learning new stuff will always be a challenge, but we should make it as easy as possible. That’s were microlearning can play an interesting role.

As the name suggests, microlearning revolves around small learning steps which together help you master a particular subject. Microlearning ensures that content can be absorbed in small chunks opposed to presenting all information at once.

With microlearning people will be able to learn when it’s convenient, no need to attend classes or read extensive manuals. A microlearning moment can easily be found in your commute to work or while you are standing in line for your much-needed cup of coffee. Three days (or 10 coffees) later and you know how that invoicing feature works in your new accounting application.

Keep in mind that microlearning is just one of several features we are developing to improve learning and adoption. Just like the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” we offer multiple features that together offer the best solution for learning and adoption.

Curious for more? Let us tell you more about our adoption bundle. And stay alert for our next news item, contextual learning.